Fabric Guide

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This summer weight woven cotton has been brushed to give a really soft, almost fluffy hand feel and its light enough to wear in the warm weather.


Organic seersucker is a lovely summery fabric constructed by bunching threads together to give it a ‘scalloped’ look. The styles we make using this fabric often have a nostalgic feel, which isn’t surprising given that this fabric has been used since the 1900s!


Twill is a hardwearing, durable woven fabric that's great for outdoor adventures! It's light enough to wear for spring and summer or can be worn over layers in the cooler months.

Brushed Cotton

Popplin Cotton

This is a durable woven fabric and that’s been bushed to give it an extra soft feel.

Double Cloth

This is a light and airy woven fabric which makes it a great choice for the warm summer months, or pair it with a snuggly layer underneath.

Slub Jersey

Slub jersey is a light, soft, breathable fabric that's perfect for keeping them cool in warm weather. Our slub jersey has a textured, natural look with little ‘lines’ in it which we think looks beautiful in the fabric.

Interlock Cotton

Our organic interlock is not your average T-Shirt fabric. It’s lovely and thick, and very soft to touch, so it’s a fantastic fabric to wear with short sleeves in spring or during a typical English summer! For autumn and winter, we add long sleeves to styles made with this fabric, or use a double layer for extra warmth.

Rib Cotton

Our rib fabric is beautifully soft and stretchy, making it amazingly comfy to wear. We’ve designed our rib to be long lasting, so it won't loose it's shape or colour and will come up like new wash after wash.

Cord Cotton

Cord that’s so soft it feels like velvet! This fabric is really comfy for little ones to wear but also hardwearing enough for everyday rough and tumble play.


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