Clothes for boys, clothes for girls

 – November 15th, 2016. Nick: LGR Founder –

Boys & Girls

We have ummed and ahhed over this for a while now but the Boys & Girls

section on our website has been the subject

of an on going conversation at Little Green Radicals Towers.

We have now changed our site so we no longer gender our ranges. No more

boys & girls sections just a kids section for all.

Special thanks to @francescacambridgemallen who brought this to our attention

once again & this beautiful pic is courtesy of @NatalieStewart with

our Owl PJ’s looking amazing on her little ones….

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2 thoughts on “Clothes for boys, clothes for girls

  1. Judith says:

    This is wonderful! I always get so annoyed when I have to scan through two sections (boys and girls) just to find a nice sweater or trousers for my little daughter. Congratulations and thank you! 🙂

    • Marketing says:

      Hi Judith, thanks so much for the lovely comment! We are thrilled to know our customers support us and that being a unisex brand helps your little one choose whatever she feels more comfortable with. Best wishes, LGR xx

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