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 – December 7th, 2016. Nick: LGR Founder –

All are welcome

It’s photo shoot time of year and I have a nostalgic feeling. Naturally, the star of our early photoshoots was my son. And, of course, he looked gorgeous in the slogan tees that got us going. Here he is in Give Peas A Chance.

He is just as cute today but Leo isn’t quite like any other boy or girl in his cohort. He is different, special, Autistic. At the age of 12 he does not speak and his likes include playing with foam, rides on carousels and pulling dogs ears.

In many cultures having a disabled child is considered a blessing. I now understand why. There is no pressure on my child to achieve. I never worry how he or I are judged. The only mission each day is, as Dr Seuss put it, to have lots of good fun that is funny. And he does. Every day.

Over the years we have had a few children that are that little bit different as models at our photo shoot. And they had lots of good fun that was funny. Of course, our photo shoots are very popular, so there isn’t space for everyone but everyone is welcome. Does your child want to have lots of good fun that is funny? Do let us know if they do and I bet they will look cute too.

Nick – LGR Founder

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7 thoughts on “Radical Photo Shoot

  1. Julie van Walsum says:

    Hi. George is 9 and has Tourette’s. Not swearing but lots of body tics, like head nodding and sudden gestures and some vocal tics. These fluctuate under influences of excitement or stress. He would love to have a photo shoot with you as he is applying for castings now. Hoping to hear from you!

  2. Lizzie says:

    Hi Nick, really enjoying the Little Green Radicals blog. I just stumbled across it looking for Fair Trade boys clothing, but so impressed you’ve done away with the children’s gender segregation too. I bought your stuff for my boys as babies, and it was so comfy, and fun with such lovely gentle designs.
    My youngest boy, Tobias, is 4. He is just SO full of life, and would love your photo shoots, if you ever need a seriously exhuberant and enthusiastic participant!

    • LGR retail says:

      Hi Lizzie, sorry it took me a while to get back to you but it got busy after the school hols. I am delighted you like the blog and the fact that we stopped gender segregation. To be honest we should have done it earlier as everyone was so effusive once we did. But where we led others have followed! We have regular photo shoots and we certainly do enthusiasm. 4 is a very bouncy age and we normally supply bubbles! I think the next photoshoot will be towards the end of the year. Josie our designer organises them so just drop her an email, josie@littlegreenradicals.co.uk or if you are happy to do it post on our facebook page. Thanks for your kind comments, Nick Pecorelli

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  4. Bridie says:

    Hi I have a baby Leo too. He is now
    a running, babbling, charismatic 19month old who loves any sort of social meet up where he can interact with adults and other children (also where there is attention on him!) little green radicals is our fave organic range out there, I love your whole ethos, and the colourful patterns you use for your fabrics!!

    • Marketing says:

      Hi Bridie! Leo sounds like a wonderful little boy, very much the perfect Little Green Radical 🙂 Thanks so much for the kind words, we really love to hear our customers appreciate the importance of having organic clothes and the ethos that comes with being all around as environmentally friendly as possible. We would not be able to pass the message without wonderful LGR friends such as yourself. We hope Leo is enjoying his comfy new outfits this season! Much love, The LGR Team xx

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