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15th March: Nick  – LGR Founder

Under The Sea

One of the inspirations for our new collection is the theme Under The Sea, and as water takes up two thirds of the planet it is worth reflecting a little bit. Our Submarine print is also featured on our new dress…

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8th March: Nick  – LGR Founder

Fairtrade Fortnight

I’m on my fifth cup of Fairtrade coffee today. I help a lot of coffee growers this way! We’re in the middle of Fairtrade fortnight and it reminds me of why we do this….

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 1st March: Nick –  LGR Founder

Pesticides? No thanks

There are lots of reasons for avoiding pesticides. Our own health and the health of our children is cited by many Little Green Radical fans. But for me…….

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 25th January: Sharmilla LGR Fan

The bottom line on reusable nappies

My name is Sharmila and I’m Eliot’s mum. I’m also an eco­warrior… Okay, perhaps eco­warrior is overstating the mark a teensy bit, but I try to do my bit…

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7th December: Nick  – LGR Founder

Photoshoot time. Everyone welcome….

It’s photo shoot time of year and I have a nostalgic feeling. Naturally, the star of our early photoshoots was my son. And, of course, he looked gorgeous in the slogan tees that got us going…

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15th November: Nick LGR Founder

Going Unisex

We have ummed and ahhed over this for a while now but the Boys & Girls section on our website has been the subject of an on going conversation………….

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 – 06 October – 

Rockets for everyone

As this week is World Space Week, and we have a very special guest blogger, Vinita Marwaha Madill, who has worked at the European Space Agency ………

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