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SuperLooper Aftercare Guide
Here are some ideas and tips on how best to look after your clothes so that they can be loved and looped again and again :)
How to make a patchwork cushion!
If you’re looking for something creative to do this weekend and have old clothes or fabrics that you need to repurpose, why not try some patchwork?! Come and find out how to make your very own patchwork cushion at home...
Our guide to the Circular Economy
The circular economy is a waste reducing idea for us to produce and consume goods in a way that helps them avoid ending up in landfills and incinerators when they still have plenty of life left in them. 
Make do & mend: How to sew on a button
There are a few simple little fixes that can give well worn clothes a brand new lease of life. One easy repair is to replace a missing a button. Our friend...
Keep clothes lovely for longer: Sewing on a patch
Do you have a Little Green Radicals Explorer Badge or lovely little patch waiting to decorate something special, but not sure where to start? Look no further...
Keep clothes lovely for longer: the art of Sashiko repairs
In traditional Japanese thinking 'wabi-sabi' is the acceptance of imperfection, the idea that "nothing lasts, nothing is perfect and nothing is finished"
Could you be a SuperLooper?

The thing about babies is that they grow. One minute you are changing nappies, the next they have a regular bump on their head because their desire