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Our guide to the Circular Economy
The circular economy is a waste reducing idea for us to produce and consume goods in a way that helps them avoid ending up in landfills and incinerators when they still have plenty of life left in them. 
Why we love organic

We're celebrating Organic September! What makes organic cotton special? Because organic cotton is grown without any harmful chemicals. 

Our Journey to Plastic Free
At Little Green Radicals we do everything we can to make sure we tread as lightly as possible on the earth...
Hello EU! New website. New warehouse. Come on in.
Willkommen, Benvenuto, Welkom, Bienvenu, Bienvenidos, Witamy to our new EU website and warehouse!
What does Fairtrade really mean? Come & find out!
Ever wondered how Fairtrade makes a difference? We've put together a handy guide, plus some fun at home activities to get the kids involved...
From inspiration to reality. How our design process brings an idea to life.

By Josie Bragg, Little Green Radicals Designer. This season, I wanted to create a collection that took us on a journey through different lands. We took lots of inspiration from...

Organic all the way.
By Nick Pecorelli, Little Green Radicals Founder Little Green Radicals clothes have been organic from day one. The cotton we source and all the factories that produce our clothes have been certified as organic and Fairtrade each and every year....
The sun will come out tomorrow.
By Nick Pecorelli, Little Green Radicals Founder The one thing you need in abundance if you set up a business is optimism. I am fortunate to be blessed with it and if you want proof of that I can send...
Who made my clothes?
At this time of year we like to acknowledge our amazing workers in India. The 'Who Made My Clothes' campaign was started after the tragic collapse of a factory in Bangladesh in 2013. It has grown...
Behind the design: The story of our Island Escapade
I’ve been fortunate enough to design collections for Little Green Radicals for almost ten years. Every time we begin this process
Adventures In India: Visiting Our Producers
Hello! I’m Bonnie, the production co-ordinator for Little Green Radicals and in October 2019 I visited our producers in India with Josie, our designer. 
Fairtrade. A way of being

Little Green Radicals started life in 2005 and along with People Tree and a couple of other great brands we were the first to get Fairtrade certification in the UK. 

The Journey to a Plastic Free Brand

When I look at my inbox each day I know the most likely topic of conversation from our customers is going to be plastic. It’s not fantastic. It's not even ok

Beautiful clothes made by amazing people

Using a transparent supply chain to make our long lasting, colourful, organic clothes is at the heart of Little Green Radicals. We're very proud of the three producers we work with in India...

Fairtrade not fairly traded

Pop this in your basket: Fairtrade not fairly traded. Some of you may have seen the recent furore caused by Sainsbury’s decision to drop Fairtrade 

Pesticides. No thanks.

There are lots of reasons for avoiding pesticides. Our own health and the health of our children is cited by many Little Green Radical fans. But for me