A very merry eco Christmas!

A very merry eco Christmas!

Some nifty ideas for treading lightly on the earth this Christmas. 

Gifts all wrapped up 

A lot of wrapping paper isn’t recyclable, so we’ve taken our festive Rainbow Moose print and made some uncoated, recycled, recyclable wrapping paper. 

Plastic Free Tape!

We just came across this compostable, biodegradable and recyclable tape and were very excited to find a plastic free alternative!

Reusable gift wrapping

If you have any spare fabric lying about, you could use it to make colourful, reusable gift wrapping, tied up with some natural twine. 

 Plastic Free Toy Ideas

Our friends over at Babipur have a HUGE selection of brilliant wooden toys that will capture the imagination of all ages. We thought their wooden construction starter set would be great for curious older kids  and we loved the Grapat Nins for when they’re in the posting, sorting and piling phase!

Use your power!

What we choose to buy can have an enormous impact on the lives of the people who make them. Choosing Fairtrade means farmers get a regular income which makes daily life much more secure, plus Fairtrade gives an extra payment that's used to support and improve their community.


Choosing organic is better for your child, better for the health of farmers and better for the planet. Conventional cotton is intensely sprayed with harmful pesticides, whereas organic production gives farmers and their families a much safer environment to work and live in. Organic cotton also lasts much longer so organic clothes can be worn and worn, then passed down, and worn again.

A very merry eco Christmas to you all!


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