Behind the scenes: Into the forest

 – September 19th, 2019  –

Into the forest:
Come behind the scenes of our photoshoot


Our Mountains Of Adventure collection is inspired by snow capped peeks, towering pines and misty mountain trails. To capture this atmosphere we needed a forest of pines and we found them, tucked away in the woods.



On a very cold December day our Little Radicals braved the wintry weather,

kitted out in cosy cord and snuggly sherpa, and proceeded to have

a lot of fun getting extremely muddy!



Despite the cold, our intrepid adventurers explored the undergrowth together,

winding their way amongst the tall trees finding pine cones and leaves

(helped along by the odd bubble…)!


Josie, Juliet and Bonnie from the LGR team spend the night before in a cottage by the forest,

preparing outfits for the shoot and busily sewing explorer

badges onto home made bags.

One of our favourite things about photoshoots is how the Radicals who take part interact with each other,

making friends and playing together and their amazing parents help to create a lovely, relaxed atmosphere

so the kids can explore in their own time. Photographer Tim takes a back seat,

letting the children roam free while he captures the collection.


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Wonderful photography by Tim Mitchell.

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